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What are the system requirements to be able to use the Unicorn Suite?

The following prerequisites ensure a seamless utilization of the Unicorn Suite on your computer: 

  • Windows 10 Professional (64 bit)
  • Minimum 2GHz, 20-30 GB harddisk, 4GB RAM
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR support
  • NET Framework 4.7.1
  • Desktop development with C++ workload
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
I have a valid license, but I can’t activate it on a different computer. What should I do?

We understand that there may be circumstances necessitating a change of computer for various reasons. However, it’s important to note that all Unicorn software licenses are designed for a one-time activation. This means that to activate it on a new computer, you must first deactivate the license on your old computer.

In some situations, deactivation may not be possible, such as when your computer has experienced a crash or is no longer accessible. If you find yourself in this situation, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team: orders@unicorn-bi.com. They can assist you in deactivating the license from your old computer remotely.

How long is the battery life, and can I exchange the battery myself?

The battery provides up to 3 hours of runtime before needing a recharge. It is available as a spare part and can be purchased through the g.tec product configurator. We have created a video tutorial that demonstrates how to replace the battery independently. Please watch the video and exercise caution when performing the replacement.

Watch the video tutorial: How to Change the Battery

Is it possible to initiate a return for a Unicorn Hybrid Black headset?

g.tec offers a return option for hardware that remains unused and is in good condition within 14 days after receiving the product. Please note that the cost of the return shipment is the customer’s responsibility. In the event that the product is damaged, we kindly request you to contact us at hello@unicorn-bi.com for guidance on the procedure to send in your device for repair.

Is it possible for me to buy a Unicorn Hybrid Black on behalf of a third party?

We strongly advise against purchasing a Unicorn Hybrid Black headset or software on behalf of a third party, as doing so may disrupt the seamless flow of automated information and hinder the utilization of the acquired products. When you make a purchase through the Unicorn webshop, it is imperative that you either use an existing or create a personal user account. This user account is intricately linked with the products you’ve purchased and the associated software license keys.

In the event that you opt to procure these products for a third party, it is essential that you ensure the prompt transfer of vital information, including license keys, software download links, and software updates to your customer. Please be aware that the third party can only activate their license keys using the email address indicated during your order. Modifying your email address in your account post-purchase will not impact the functionality of the license keys. In essence, the license keys are tethered exclusively to the email address used during the initial purchase.

Which cap size do I need?

The medium cap (54-58 cm head circumference) fits about 90% of adult subjects. Small caps (50-54 cm) can be used for children and small adults. Use large caps (58-62) for really large adults.

How do I prepare a Unicorn Hybrid EEG Electrode with the Unicorn Gel?

Fill the syringe with Unicorn Gel and then inject into each electrode a bit of gel to ensure that all tips are in good contact with the scalp. Twist each electrode a bit to distribute the gel evenly.


How can I activate other software applications in my Unicorn Suite?

Explore a plethora of additional software applications at your fingertips, including the Unicorn Speller, Unicorn Unity Interface, Unicorn Python API, Unicorn Simulink Interface, and Unicorn Blondy Check. Easily access these tools by initiating the Unicorn Brain Interface product configurator, selecting the applications that align with your needs, and upon order completion, anticipate the delivery of your license keys directly to your inbox.

Then, enable the software application in your Unicorn Suite under “Licensing”, enter the license key and start working!

How do I assemble my new Unicorn Hybrid Black and connect my PC with it?

Open the Unicorn Hybrid Black box, you’ll find a Quick Start Guide with all the instructions. If you have troubles, check out the “Unicorn Hybrid Black Tutorial: Hardware Seup and Handling” about setting up the hardware or download the Quick Start Guide here:

Then, connect the Bluetooth dongle to the computer. Run the Unicorn Suite and pair the device with the computer. To test the pairing, click on Unicorn devices serial number of the device you are using in the Unicorn Suite under My Unicorn. Make sure to select the serial number of your active Unicorn device. If you have troubles, check out the “Unicorn Hybrid Black Tutorial: Unicorn Suite“.

Where do I find my license key to activate the Unicorn Suite?

The license key will be sent to your e-mail address automatically, once your order is completed. If you lost your licese, click on Lost License, fill in your e-mail address and your license(s) will be sent again.

license keys

If you have troubles finding your license keys, please contact our support: orders@unicorn-bi.com