g.MOBIlab+ & g.USBamp API for MATLAB: Specs & Features

API for MATLAB - gtec's Device Driver for the MATLAB Data Acquisition Toolbox

The API for MATLAB is available for g.USBamp and the g.MOBIlab+. The toolbox is a device driver that lets users read biosignal data like EEG, ECoG, EMG, EOG and ECG within the MATLAB environment. MATLAB is a very flexible development environment which allows you to easily set up your own signal acquisition and analysis by utilizing all available toolboxes from MATLAB (like Statistics, Neural Networks, and Signal Processing).

The API for MATLAB contains commands which give full access to the amplifier. There are commands for reading the data, setting the bandpass and Notch filters, changing the sampling frequency of the amplifier, defining bipolar derivations and calibrating the system.

Multiple g.USBamps can be used if they are connected with a synchronization cable to work in absolute synchrony. In this situation, one device must be defined as master to control the other amplifiers.

An integrated impedance check gives you the impedance values of passive electrodes connected to the 16 input channels and 4 reference channels.

One of the key advantages of API for MATLAB is that it is fully integrated into the MATLAB Data Acquisition Toolbox. Therefore, you can start data acquisition within minutes, and build your application easily and quickly on top of it.

Product Highlights

  • Acquire EEG, ECoG, ECG, EMG, EOG data directly within MATLAB
  • Control g.USBamp and g.MOBIlab+ from the MATLAB command line
  • Write your own MATLAB programs for on-line visualization and signal analysis
  • Easily use the MATLAB Data Acquisition Toolbox to handle g.USBamp
  • Data can be read directly into MATLAB for further off-line processing
  • Speed up your development time from months to hours

More Product Details

On-line Biosignal Acquisition

Define the analog input object for g.USBamp

ai = analoginput('guadaq',1); 

Set the sampling rate to 256 Hz and acquire 10 seconds of data

p = plot(zeros(preview,1)); grid on 

Wait for one second to have at least 256 samples for the visualization

while ai.SamplesAcquired < preview

Show the acquired data in the figure

while ai.SamplesAcquired < 10 * 256
 &nbsp; &nbsp;data = peekdata(ai,preview);
 &nbsp; &nbsp;set(p,'ydata',data);
 &nbsp; &nbsp;drawnow;


Usage of Softscope

The Data Acquisition Toolbox provides a scope block for the visualization of data. Perform the following steps to visualize g.USBamp and g.MOBIlab+ data in this scope.

First register the g.USBamp/g.MOBIlab+ adaptor with

ans = &nbsp;'guadaq.dll' successfully registered

Configure g.USBamp to acquire 1 channel in calibration mode. Therefore an analog input object with the adaptor guadaq of device 1 must be created.

ai = analoginput('guadaq',1);

Add the first channel

addchannel (ai,1)

and set g.USBamp to calibration mode


Start the Data Acquisition Oscilloscope



Available configurations


product no.: 5016 read more g.MOBIlab+ API for MATLAB — MATLAB driver software package; full access to the amplifier from MATLAB command window
product no.: 0261 read more g.USBamp API for MATLAB — MATLAB programming driver package for g.USBamp

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