g.MOBIlab+: Specs & Features

The wireless biosignal acquisition system in your pocket.

g.MOBIlab+ g.tec's portable biosignal acquisition and analysis system

g.MOBIlab+ is the perfect tool for recording multimodal biosignal data on a standard PC or notebook. This allows investigation of brain-, heart-, and muscle- activity, eye movement, respiration, galvanic skin response, pulse and other body signals. g.MOBIlab+ is available in two versions: the 8 channel EEG  and the multi-purpose version. A switch can be connected for external triggering of the data.

Available software components

g.MOBIlab+ becomes even more powerful with the software options g.tec provides for Windows and Linux. Programmers can use the C or MATLAB APIs to integrate the device into their own software programs. LabView and Simulink are used to analyze the biosignal data in real-time and to run BCI experiments, and the recording software for the PC is used to visualize and store biosignal data.

Product Highlights

  • Acquire EEG, ECG, EOG, EMG and other signals even outside your lab
  • On-line visualization and storage of up to 16 channels on a notebook / PC
  • Various software solutions available (driver/API, recording software, MATLAB/SIMULINK/LabVIEW, ...)
  • Transmit online biosignal data wirelessly via bluetooth 2.0 to a notebook / PC
  • Log data directly on an internal flash card memory (Mini-SD card)
  • Integrate the device into your real-time system under SIMULINK (BCI, neuro-, biofeedback)
  • Recommended by BCI2000 & approved under OpenViBE


"Thanks to the gMOBIlab+ in combination with active electrodes we are able to capture biosignals such as EMG and EEG with high quality, even while users are moving."

 - Sandro Hardy, MSc
   Technical University of Darmstadt, DE

"I am using g.MOBIlab+ with intendiX at the Ars Electronica Center in a public exhibition and even in a very croudy environment it delivers fast and accurat data of each participant."

 - Mag. Erika Mondria
   Head of Brain Lab at Ars Electronica, AT

"The g.MOBIlab+ is using AA batteries that work also at extreme low temperatures, so it doesn't require a charger or power socket. This is especially useful for experiments in high altitude medicine."

 - Dr. Christoph Guger
   CEO at g.tec medical engineering, AT

More Product Details

Excellent data quality

g.MOBIlab+ is equipped with low-noise biosignal amplifiers and a 16-bit A/D converter (256 Hz), which guarantees excellent data quality and a high signal-to-noise ratio. For sophisticated data analyses, g.MOBIlab-data can be imported directly into g.BSanalyze, the toolbox for advanced biosignal processing and analyses.
Data can also be converted into ASCII-format for other programs like MS-Excel or foreign toolboxes.

Important information

g.MOBIlab+ is not a medical device. The product is NOT intended to be used as a medical device. However, the product meets the IEC 60601-1 standard, as it is a more rigorous standard.


g.MOBIlab+ now provides two additional features, improving the system's mobility and opening new application fields. 

New wireless data transfer tools let you send data to your Pocket PC, notebook or desktop PC with Bluetooth "class I" technology. Monitor biosignals under every imaginable experimental condition.

Use g.MOBIlab+ as a powerful biosignal data logger. After visually checking data quality on the screen, the device can be disconnected from the computer.  Data are stored on a flash memory card with up to 2 GB space.

Measure biosignals reliably - even in the Himalayas!

During an Austrian expedition to Chulu Far West in Nepal (6419 m), g.MOBIlab+ was used to measure the effects of high altitude on both EEG and ECG parameters. The expedition started in Besi Sahar at an altitude of 700 m near Annapurna I. The team gained between 300 and 600 m each day and settled in to basecamp at 4800 m. After one night in base camp, the high camp was established at 5600 m on the Chulu glacier. At 3 AM, the team started to climb Chulu Far West (right picture) and reached the summit at 11 AM. g.MOBIlab+ was used to record 2 EEG channels over sensorimotor areas and 1 ECG channel from 2 expedition members. The persons performed a self-paced finger movement every 10 seconds. The onset and offset of each movement was recorded by an external switch connected to g.MOBIlab.

EEG and ECG data recording at the Dachstein glacier

At the 2003 Nordic Fitness Days at the Dachstein glacier, organized by the Planaibahnen from October 24th-26th, g.MOBIlab+ was tested in measuring EEG and ECG data from skiers and mountaineers going up the Dachstein summit with the cable car. The study was part of the research program of the ARGE Alpinmed. A total of 50 data sets were acquired within 3 days. Data recordings began at a base station at 1200 m. Then,  physiological data from subjects were measured in the cable car and at the top station at 2700 m. The subjects had to perform a stimulus-reaction paradigm to test the reliability of g.MOBIlab+ under bad weather and field conditions. In all 50 sessions, data quality was excellent, and even the EEG data displayed high signal-to-noise ratio. The g.MOBIlab+ system was rated excellent by the participants, both for ease of use and for high data quality and reliability while performing physiological measurements with experimental paradigms.

C. Guger, W. Domej, G. Lindner, K. Pfurtscheller, G. Pfurtscheller, G. Edlinger, "Effects of a fast cable car ascent to an altitude of 2700 meters on EEG and ECG,"
Neuroscience Letters, 2005.

Available configurations

Complete Solutions

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read more g.BCI2000sys: Specs & Features — Complete BCI system for g.USBamp and g.MOBIlab+ with BCI2000

Hardware and Accessories

product no.: 5033 read more g.MOBIlab+: multi-purpose version — g.MOBIlab+ with 2 EEG; 2 EEG/EOC; 2 ECG/EMG bipolar channels; 2 analog inputs
product no.: 5603 read more g.MOBIlab+: 8 channel EEG version — g.MOBIlab+ with 8 unipolar EEG channels

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Hardware and Accessories

product no.: 1302 read more g.STIMbox: Specs & Features — stimulation box to record and generate trigger signals; 16 digital outputs and 14 digital inputs; C API, MATLAB API and Simulink driver

product no.: 5002 read more 5-lead ECG/EMG patient cable for g.MOBIlab+ multi-purpose version — for 2 ECG/EMG bipolar channels for gMOBIlab+, for use with disposable electrodes; with clip leads
product no.: 5003 read more 9-pin EEG/EOG connector box for g.MOBIlab+ multi-purpose version — for 2 EEG and 2 EEG/EOG bipolar channels; 1.5 mm touch-proof connectors
product no.: 5003c read more 6-pin ECG/EMG connector box for g.MOBIlab+ multi-purpose version — for ECG/EMG recordings; 2 bipolar channels + 2 grounds; 1.5 mm touch-proof connectors
product no.: 5052 read more 6-pin analog input connector box for g.MOBIlab+ multi-purpose version — for analog signal recordings; 2 unipolar channels + 2 grounds; 1.5 mm touch-proof connectors
product no.: 5601 read more 10-pin connector cable to DSUB25 male for g.MOBIlab+ EEG version — for EEG recordings with ribbon cable electrode caps, specify channel pinout at order!
product no.: 5602 read more 10-pin EEG electrode connector box for g.MOBIlab+ EEG version — for EEG recordings; 8 unipolar channels + 1 GND + 1 REF; 1.5 mm touch-proof connectors
product no.: 3012 read more medical isolation transformer — 600 VA, REO-MED, 6 outputs
product no.: 3017 read more PC RS232 data cable for g.MOBIlab+ — g.MOBIlab+ to PC serial cable incl. adapter for USB port
product no.: 5004 read more 4-pin connector cable (TRIG) for g.MOBIlab+ — 4-pin connector cable (3m) for trigger input with open leads
product no.: 5005 read more 10-pin connector cable (AIN/DIGITAL I/O) for g.MOBIlab+ — 10-pin open lead connector cable (3m) for analog inputs and digital in- and outputs of g.MOBIlab+ multi-purpose version
product no.: 5006 read more 8-pin connector cable (ECG/EMG) for g.MOBIlab+ — 8-pin connector cable (3m) for ECG/EMG inputs of g.MOBIlab+ with open leads
product no.: 5007 read more 10-pin connector cable (EEG) for g.MOBIlab+ — 10-pin open lead connector cable (3m) for analog inputs of g.MOBIlab+ EEG version
product no.: 5050 read more g.MOBIlab+ water-proof heavy duty case — water-proof heavy duty case for g.MOBIlab+ equipment
product no.: 0274 read more g.TRIGbox: Specs & Features — multimode trigger conditioner box
product no.: 0111 read more g.RTanalyze: Specs & Features — real-time biosignal processing blockset under SIMULINK; real-time algorithms
product no.: 0264 read more g.UDPinterface — data exchange with network connection between Simulink/MATLAB on different PCs (eg. BCI, VR, XVR, ...); single place licence; prerequisite MATLAB for OS English Win 32/64, SIMULINK
product no.: 0291 read more g.EYEtracking Interface for SIMULINK — read eyetracking information into Simulink
product no.: 0144 read more g.VIBROTACTILEp300 Model — 2-, 3- and 8-channel vibrotactile P300 based BCI control; prerequisite: SIMULINK HIGH SPEED ONLINE Processing, g.BSanalyze Base, EEG and Classify Toolbox
product no.: 0167b read more g.Recorder for g.MOBIlab+ — fully GUI-based (graphical user interface); comfortable biosignal visualization and storage; full control of the amplifier and header
product no.: 5012a read more Highspeed Online Processing Under Simulink for g.MOBIlab+ — SIMULINK driver and blockset modules; data processing with maximum system speed
product no.: 0139b read more g.MOBIlab+ P300 model — 8-channel P300 based speller; prerequisite: SIMULINK HIGH-SPEED ONLINE Processing
product no.: 1303b read more SSVEP model and Hardware for g.MOBIlab+ — bundle for SSVEP based robot control; consists of g.MOBIlab+ SSVEP model, g.SSVEPbox, g.STIMbox
product no.: 0141b read more g.MOBIlab+ SSVEP BCI model — 8 channel SSVEP based control
product no.: 5011 read more g.MOBIlab+ C API — driver software package for g.MOBIlab+; full access to recording buffer; for user specific applications on the PC
product no.: 5011a read more g.MOBIlab+ C API & BCI2000 — driver software package for g.MOBIlab+; full access to recording buffer; BCI2000 driver, BCI2000 software package
product no.: 5016 read more g.MOBIlab+ API for MATLAB — MATLAB driver software package for g.MOBIlab+
product no.: 0137 read more g.BCI SOCI model — Screen Overlay Control Interface module; can be used especially for virtual reality (VR) applications and remote control of devices to provide the standard user interface by directly embedding the BCI stimuli; generates CVEP or SSVEP stimuli and supports single symbol and row column for P300 stimulation. single place licence; prerequisite MATLAB R2014a for OS English Win 64 (Windows 7), SIMULINK HIGH-SPEED ONLINE Processing, g.BSanalyze Base, EEG and Classify Toolbox
product no.: 0311 read more g.DISTRIBUTEDeeg — allows to record biosignal data from different distributed PCs in the network and transmit the recorded data to a central evaluation/data storage PC; data synchronisation using the OSC protocol for distributed systems and UDP network interface; synchronicity of +/- 2 samples at a sampling rate of 256 Hz; allows to record evoked potentials in a distributed system; prerequisite: MATLAB for OS English Win 64; SIMULINK; Signal Processing Blockset; DSP System Toolbox
product no.: 0136 read more g.BCI CVEP model — Code-based BCI model; BCI systems can also use pseudo-random stimulation sequences on a screen (code-based BCI); prerequisite SIMULINK HIGH-SPEED ONLINE Processing, g.BSanalyze Base, EEG and Classify Toolbox

Complete Solutions

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Product Manuals/Handbooks


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