Newsletter October 2011 Volume 34

Products & Projects

  • Product catalogue
    Download the 2011/2012 g.tec catalogue or request a printed version: 
  • g.BSanalyze - spike toolbox
    The spike toolbox is a new software package running under g.BSanalyze to analyze positions, spike activity, and multi-unit activity. 
  • g.HIamp - 256-channel biosignal amplifier
    High demands lead to high level solutions and path-breaking technology. g.HIamp is a 256-channel biosignal amplifier (CE approved) for invasive and non-invasive measurements of brain functions.
  • Introduction offer for 2011
    Request an introduction offer for a 80-, 144- or 256-channel system with active electrodes, ERP and real-time analysis:  
  • g.SAHARA publication
    Download a scientific publication of P300, motor imagery and SSVEP experiments performed with dry electrodes. 



g.tec is giving talks, presents posters, organizes workshops, tutorials, satellite events and exhibitions around the world.

  • g.tec's brain-computer interface workshop in Washington, D.C., USA (November 12th, 2011)
    Latest developments and research with EEG and ECoG-based systems for control and rehabilitation purposes at the Neuroscience 2011. Guest speakers: Gerwin Schalk (Wadsworth Center) and Brendan Allison (Graz University of Technology). The workshop will be located in the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Room 156. REGISTER NOW!
  • g.tec Spike & ECoG recording and analysis workshop in Washington, D.C., USA (November 14th, 2011)
    Off-line and real-time analysis and mapping of spikes and ECoG of animals and humans. Guest speakers: Lucas Noldus (Noldus Inc.), Gerwin Schalk (Wadsworth Center), Doug Weber (University Pittsburgh) and Nick Anderson (Penn Sate Univ.). The workshop will take place during the Neuroscience 2011 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, in Room 209A. REGISTER NOW!
  • Advances in ECoG in Washington, D.C., USA (November 10-11, 2011)
    Satellite meeting with top researchers speaking about ECoG recording and analysis. REGISTER NOW!

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