Newsletter May 2016

NEW: g.Nautilus 64 Channels 

Our wireless EEG cap is now available with 64 active gel-based electrodes.

NEW: g.Nautilus for Android
Develope Android applications with our wireless system.

Read more: g.Nautilus Specs & Features
Download the Product Brochure: g.Nautilus 64 Channels

NEW: Freshly printed Product Catalogue 

Finally, the new catalogue is here! 
Browse through or download the new version: Product Catalogue 2016
If you're interested in a printed version, please contact:
Have a look behind the scenes of g.tec: Making of... The New Product Catalogue

Software Updates 

Software Update g.BSanalyze
g.BSanalyze is now available for Windows 10 with Matlab 2015a, and now includes an integrated video player. Find more information here: g.BSanalyze

Software Update g.Recorder
g.Recorder has some new features:

  • Data viewer was replaced by g.SCOPE
  • Scope can now draw beyond the channel borders
  • Several new kinds of autoscaling features included
  • Impedance Measurement now includes numerical impedance values in addition to color coded shading
  • Can load montage files from g.MONcreator
  • Can apply visualization filters during raw data recording
  • Real-time calculation and analysis of evoked potentials (EPs)
  • Can print and make screenshots of the EPs

Find more information here: g.Recorder

New Software Interfaces for g.Nautilus
BCI2000 and OpenViBE recently developed a freely available interface for the g.Nautilus.

And the nominees for the Annual BCI Award are... 

This year, more than 50 top-level research projects were submitted from all over the world. Congratulations to the 12 nominees!
The winners will be awarded during the 6th International BCI Meeting in Asilomar, California (USA) on June 2nd , 2016.
Read more:

Agent Unicorn - A Fashionable Brain Scan 

Anouk Wipprecht is a Hi-Tech Fashion Designer. She combines fashion and technology with engineering, science and interaction/user experience design. She created "Agent Unicorn", an accessory for children with ADHD or autism that measures brain activity with g.SAHARA active dry electrodes.
Visit Anouk Wipprecht at the Augmented World Expo (USA) in June: AWE 2016
Read more: Interview with Anouk Wipprecht

When Robots replace Humans 

Prof. Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro is the director of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Osaka University in Japan. His research has contributed to the development of human-like robots and the study of their interaction with humans. For his recent projects, he has been using the wireless EEG cap g.Nautilus  to control his robots. 
Read more: Interview with Hiroshi Ishiguro

A recoveriX Success Story about a Stroke Patient and her courage to do more 

Mrs. Savin suddenly suffered a stroke. It was a horrible experience for her. We had the chance to talk with Mrs. Savin after she had participated in recoveriX therapy in addition to her conventional stroke therapy. 
Watch the invertiew with Mrs. Savin: recoveriX Success Story

mindBEAGLE - Interview with Coma Scientist Steven Laureys 

Steven Laureys is a Belgian neurologist recognized worldwide in the field of consciousness. Steven is a testing partner within the ComaWare project, and uses the mindBEAGLE system for assessment and communication of patients with disorders of consciousness (DOC). Dr. Brendan Allison, g.tec Senior Research Scientist, sat down to chat with Steven and ask him about his work.
Read more: Interview with Steven Laureys

New cortiQ Publication 

The Journal of Neurosurgery has recently published an article on "Understanding Functional Dynamics of High Gamma Activity on Different Brain Regions during Language Tasks".
Yukie Tamura, Hiroshi Ogawa, Christoph Kapeller, Robert Prueckl, Fumiya Takeuchi, Ryogo Anei, Anthony Ritaccio, Christoph Guger, Kyousuke Kamada, Understanding Functional Dynamics of High Gamma Activity on Different Brain Regions during Language Tasks, Journal of Neurosurgery, in press, 2015

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