April 25 – May 4, 2022
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I put the BCI & Neurotechnology Spring School and g.tec’s webinars into the curriculum of my University and my students from the BrainLab are following eagerly.

Adriane B. Randolph, PhD - Director of Kennesaw State University BrainLab

“For me, as a speech-language pathologist and audiologist, it is very important to be aware of new technologies that can make a difference in patients’ lives! And as a master’s student in Neuroengineering the Spring School 2021 was 10 days of full knowledge and learning new things in my research area!”

Carolina Evangelista - Spring School 2021 Attendee

“In these 10 days I had the opportunity to focus on the theme Brain-Computer Interface and to discover once again the great power of technology on improving living conditions.
Competing in my first hackathon was a great stimulus and allowed me to get to know brilliant and creative people from all over the world.“

Francesco Di Tommaso - Spring School 2021 Attendee

“The Spring School 2021 was a great opportunity to learn and connect with great minds from various disciplines around the world! This was truly phenomenal!“

Victor Nguyen - Spring School 2021 Attendee

“These 10 days were really amazing and very educational. One of the most wonderful parts was connecting with great minds from various disciplines and countries.“

Shreyansh Sheth - Spring School 2021 Attendee

“This Spring School covers all parts of the BCI world from non-invasive to invasive measurement and its application! It gave me a whole new experience learning more about those BCI applications and what everyone is working on. I really enjoyed the keynote speakers and learned a lot from them. “

Praewpiraya Wiwatphonthana - Spring School 2021 Attendee

„I have always been interested in BCI and the Spring School 2021 provided a comprehensive resource to understand all elementary concepts and SOTA research ongoing in the field. Read my complete summary about my experiences attending the g.tec BCI & Neurotechnology Spring School 2021. ”

Nayanika Biswas - Spring School 2021 Attendee

“Through these intensive 10 days I learned about countless cutting-edge applications of neurotechnology from professionals world-wide. I am also truly humbled by their initiative of free education and the impact it has and will have on the next generation of scientists!“

Joao Pereira - Spring School 2021 Attendee

„I participated in the Spring School 2021 for ten days, it was a great experience and I learned a lot. I got to know professors and different fields of study in BCI technology. Furthermore, all of the other g.tec staff members contribute to this great school and taught us how to record EEG signals with the new g.tec instruments.“

Helia Mirabi - Spring School 2021 Attendee

“The BCI & Neurotechnology Spring School 2021 was an amazing experience, ten days of great talks and presentations from some of the most important researchers in the field of Neuroscience. In the weekend, I took part in the Virtual Brain Hackathon! Our work aimed to implement a pipeline to augment SSVEP data using a TimeGAN model.“

Giacomo D’Amicantonio - Spring School 2021 Attendee, Machine Learning Journal Club Member


Learn from renowed, international experts and join the BR41N.IO Designers’ Hackathon to create your own applications. This event is targeting developers, researchers, students and professors in the fields of biomedical engineering, signal processing, neuroscience, brain-computer interface and neuromodulation.

Topics include: BCIs with EEG and other biosignals, neuromodulation, deep brain stimulation, gaming, brain assessment, closed loop experiments with TMS and tDCS, deep learning, communication, rehabilitation, functional mapping, programming, high altitude and sports medicine, neuromarketing, hacking and exoskeletons.


  • Become a Hosting Partner and join The Spring School virtually with your class
  • Overcome the challenges of distance learning due to Covid-19
  • Get kick-started into neurotechnologies & brain-computer interfaces
  • Listen to the keynotes of the 3 Winners of the BCI Award 2021
  • Participate in the BR41N.IO Designers' Hackathon virtually with your class
  • Get hands-on experience in the BR41N.IO Designers' Hackathon
  • Submit your BR41N.IO project to the BCI Award 2022
  • Get a participation certificates
  • Add The Spring School to your CV


As a university, lab or institute, you can become a Hosting Partner at The Spring School 2022 and at all of our BR41N.IO Designers’ Hackathons. All you need is a Unicorn Education Kit, which consists of 8x Unicorn Hybrid Black EEG Headsets incl. full software environment. Then, you can easily put together 40 students in teams of 5 and participate in a BCI application programming project at the BR41N.IO Designers’ Hackathons during the Spring School 2022.

This is your chance to show your abilities in front of an international audience, get awareness, boost your image and win prize money too!



The BR41N.IO Brain-Computer Interface Designers Hackathon has been created as an education opportunity to study current and future developments and unlimited possibilities of brain-computer interfaces and neurotechnologies in creative, scientific and clinical fields.