SfN Workshops 2023 | g.tec medical engineering GmbH


November 11, Washington DC, USA

Attend the g.tec workshop at the Society for Neuroscience meeting in Washington DC. In this workshop, Dr. Christoph Guger and Katrin Mayr will talk about cutting edge BCI applications and neurotechnologies. Find g.tec at booth number 1438.



November 11, 18:30-21:30 (EST) at Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Room No. 103AB

g.tec’s brain-computer interface (BCI) workshop

Christoph Guger, PhD – g.tec medical engineering GmbH
Katrin Mayr – g.tec medical engineering GmbH

 Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) provide a direct connection from the human brain to a computer. Dr. Christoph Guger and Katrin Mayr will discuss how BCIs translate brain activity into control signals for numerous applications, including tools to help severely disabled users communicate and improve their quality of life. BCIs have been used to restore movement, assess cognitive functioning, map functions of the brain and provide communication and environmental control. Learn how to record ultra-high density EEG with 1024 EEG electrodes on the human scalp, how to use the Unicorn brain-interface , how to record EEG and fNIRS at the same time and how to setup neuromodulation experiments.

They will also talk about BCI systems for the rehabilitation of neurological patients and how to assess brain functions in patients with disorders of consciousness. The cutting edge technology used in these systems have made them the first of their kind. Learn how upper and lower limbs of stroke and multiple sclerosis patients are treated to reach highly significant improvements even many years after the diagnosis and how to test objectively command following in DOC patients.

There would also be talks on neuromodulation and how to localize eloquent brain areas for surgical resection with a low risk of neurological deficits.

Moreover, we are excited to showcase the Unicorn Headband alongside the Unity game interface and our OSCAR module, designed to record 99% pure EEG data.