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100083 Beijing

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Bioreco was established in 2000,  headoffice in Beijing, and has branches in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi’an and other locations.

The company has a great reputation in Clinical Medicine, Medical Research, Neural Rehabilitation, Artificial Intelligence, Brain Computer Interface, Neural Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, Virtual Reality Research, Biomedical Engineering, Communication Engineering and other fields, and has an excellent team for market promotion and academic support.

Contact Persons

Mr. Steven Deng

Steven graduated from clinical medicine department of Peking University. After that, he was engaged in clinical medical work for many years. He founded Bioreco in 2000,  focusing on the distribution of high-quality, precise and sophisticated solutions for clinical medicine and medical scientific research work.


  • post-stroke rehabiliation

  • brain assessment for patients with disorders of consciousness

  • cortical brain mapping for neurosurgery

  • invasive and non-invasive brain-computer interfaces

  • behavioral cognitive neuroscience

  • healthcare biomedical engineering

  • neuropsychology

  • neuromodulation

  • brain stimulation