BCI & Neurotech Masterclass Denmark 1.0 | g.tec medical engineering GmbH


December 14, 2021, 09:00-17:15 (CET Denmark)

Simply turn on your PC and get direct access to the most renowned national institutions and scientists in Denmark.



Brain-computer interface technologies are becoming more and more popular because they open up many new human-centered research opportunities. International tech giants are also throwing themselves into the BCI field along with a lot of money. But what is happening in Denmark regarding brain-interfacing technologies? There are many labs striving to find new applications to make a difference on the market.

g.tec has invited the best Danish BCI researchers to present you the most exciting R&D that is currently happening in Denmark. Don’t miss this chance to learn new and future applications of brain-computer interfaces and acquire insights into the know-how and techniques of our speakers.



09:00-09:05 Introduction
Christoph Guger, g.tec medical engineering GmbH

09:05-10:15 Current and future applications of BCI: Assessment, Rehabilitation, Control, Communication
Alexander Lechner, g.tec medical engineering GmbH

10:15-10:45 Brain Computer Interface training for patients with severe upper limb paresis after stroke – The Hammel Neurocenter Study
Iris Brunner, University of Aarhus, Hammel Neurocenter

10:45-11:15 Towards a framework for adaptive storytelling: narrative cognition in XR
Luis Emilio Bruni, Aalborg University

11:15-11:30 Coffee Break

11:30-12:25 Mapping the landscape of game-based interactions for BCI based rehabilitation
Hendrik Knoche, Mads Jochumsen & Bastian Ilsø Hougaard, Aalborg University

12:25-13:00 What do you gain with combined EEG and fNIRS recordings?
Alexander Lechner, g.tec medical engineering GmbH

13:00-13:30 Lunch Break

13:30-14:15 Cognitive control of a hearing aid
Carina Graversen, Aalborg University

14:15-15:15 How to do TMS with simultaneous EEG recording?
Alexander Lechner, g.tec medical engineering GmbH

15:15-15:30 What do you need to setup your lab?
Torben Fuglsang, MEQNordic A/S

15:30-15:45 Coffee Break

15:45-16:30 BCI-STAR PROJECT: Brain-computer interface for upper limb rehabilitation following stroke
Benjamin Svejgaard Jørgensen, Aalborg Universitetshospital

16:30-17:00 MyoFES: Muscle Controlled Functional Electric Stimulation (FES) for Upper Limb Stroke Rehabilitation
Sadasivan Puthusserypady, Technical University of Denmark

17:00-17:20 Eyetracking & EEG Recording with Tobii and g.tec’s amplifiers for HCI and neuromarketing
Alexander Lechner, g.tec medical engineering GmbH

17:20-17:45 How professors teach with Unicorn Education Kit in their class and compete at the BR41N.IO Designers’ Hackathon
Alexander Lechner, g.tec medical engineering GmbH