BCI & Neurotech Masterclass California 1.0 | g.tec medical engineering GmbH


October 10, 2022, 09:00-17:00 (PST)

Simply turn on your PC and get direct access to some of the most renowned national institutions and scientists in California.


The development of brain-computer interface technologies and connecting the brain to computers and robots via a non-muscular pathway has made a huge difference in various fields such as rehabilitation, robotics, or even art. Nowadays, BCI technology is getting noticed more and more by the international tech giants around the world, making them interested in dedicating their budgets and funding to develop this ever-growing technology. There are many labs around the world which are attempting to introduce new applications of BCI and make a difference in this field; and the BCI labs of California are leading in many aspects.

g.tec has invited some of the best BCI researchers of the states to present their exciting R&D achievements and introduce their latest BCI applications. Don’t miss this chance to get to learn new applications of brain-computer interfaces and gain insight into the nitty-gritty of the new techniques introduced by our speakers.


09:00-10:00 Current and future applications of BCIs
Dr. Rupert Ortner – g.tec medical engineering GmbH

10:00-11:00 BCI in Disorders of Consciousness
Dr. Caroline Schnakers – Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare

11:00-12:00 Brain stimulation – From functional mapping to closed-loop neuromodulation
Johannes Grünwald – g.tec medical engineering GmbH

12:00-13:00 recoveriX – closed loop stroke rehabiliation
Fan Cao – g.tec neurotechnology USA, Inc.

13:00-14:00 Improving BCI communication through language model integration
Dr. William Speier, University of California, Los Angeles

14:00-15:00 Analysis of EEG and fNIRS signal for Neuromarketing and Lie Detection Applications
Maria Ramirez, Mohammad Affan Khalil, Abel Desoto – California State University, Fullerton

15:00-16:00 The BCI Research Award and how to host a BR4IN.IO hackathon
Dr. Brendan Allison – University of California, San Diego

16:00-17:00 EEG and fNIRS, Hackathon, Unicorn teaching lab
Micah Ching – g.tec neurotechonolgy USA, Inc.