Bread knife "Gert Pfurtscheller"

Knives inspired by neurotechnology.

In the seventies, Gert Pfurtscheller developed a method to describe cognitive processes, known in the scientific world as event-related desynchronization.  The knife’s hand-cut blade shows this event-related desynchronization recording with a g.tec brain-computer interface while a person imagines a cutting movement with his right hand. The EEG was recorded from the left hemisphere at electrode position C3.

The blade is hand-forged and consists of a single piece of Chrome-Vanadium-Molybdenum steel. The handle is made of olive wood, which is a couple hundred years old. The knife is hand-sanded in the Alps of Austria. Blade length: 21 cm

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Product Highlights

  • blade shows event-related desynchronization of the EEG
  • hand-forged blade
  • handle made of olive wood
  • hand-sanded in the Alps of Austria
  • unique knife with outstanding design

Outstanding design

Expert quotes

"Many thanks for the brilliant idea to make this knife"

     - Prof. Jay Gunkelman, USA

"This knife is absolutely gorgeous, and a must-have for any neurotechnology enthusiast.
It should also make for a unique gift to important business partners in the industry."

     - Prof. Gerwin Schalk, USA

"This is a very creative idea. It was fun to use the knife and think that my brain activity was reflected in the knife."

     - Dr. Brendan Allison, USA

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