How is presentation/e-prime used with g.USBamp?

The computer running presentation/e-prime needs a parallel port or PCMCIA board to present trigger pulses. Connect the port to the amplifier g.USBamp with a g.tec DIO cable. Note that special hardware (available from g.tec) is necessary to guarantee an accurate trigger signal on the stimulation computer. Many available serial to parallel, USB to parallel, and other converters on the market do not meet this requirement and produce delays of more than 50 ms with jitters. 

The most accurate timing can be achieved with g.TRIGbox.

Important things to consider during the g.USBamp Driver installation

If there is any old version of the g.USBamp Driver package on your computer, please uninstall it.

Furthermore, we highly recommend turning off the User Account Control (UAC) of the Windows 7 operating system. Please see Microsoft help to learn how to do this.

We also recommend turning off any firewall, because during the installation of the HASP-HL software (hardware dongle), a routine looks online for the latest version, and if your firewall blocks this feature, then the installation of the g.USBamp Driver might be impossible until you turn off the firewall.