Customer-Training in g.tec office

g.tec's research systems are powerful tools and open a wide range of possible applications. For our customers, we can provide personal training at g.tec's facilities here in Austria. Get a general introduction to your systems, see some basic experiments and application examples or discuss special hardware- and software solutions with our developers, programmers and application engineers. The training is most effective if you come with your own g.tec system to guarantee that all the settings are performed correctly on your system.

Both branches (Graz and Schiedlberg) offer space for groups of up to 40 members of your team for the training.

Just contact us about a schedule for your training. We can also help you to organize your travel and accommodation. Hope to see you in Austria!

Training at your Institution

If multiple lab members are interested in operating g.tec systems, it is more effective to send a g.tec team member directly to your institution to train the whole group. 

Just contact us to schedule a training event suitable for your team.

Workshops at your Institution

If your lab plans to organize a workshop or satellite event at your institution, we will be happy to send a researcher who can talk about brain-computer interfaces, spike recordings, real-time physiology analysis, Virtual Reality systems, functional mapping with ECoG, and related topics. Typically such workshops last for about 2 hours up to 2 days.

Training topics

Course 1: Off-line biosignal analysis (EEG, ECG, GSR, respiration) with g.BSanalyze - 1/2 day course
Course 2: Measuring biosignal data (EEG, ECG, GSR, respiration, EMG, EOG, ECoG, pulse, SpO2, etc.) with g.USBamp/g.MOBIlab+ - 1/2 day course
Course 3: Running BCI (P300, motor imagery, SSVEP) experiments in real-time - 1 day course
Course 4: Measuring EPs (BAEP, ASSR, P300, N200,...) - 1/2 day course
Course 5: Extending the biosignal analysis with custom software modules under MATLAB/Simulink - 1/2 day course
Course 6: Acquiring and analyzing spikes - 1/2 day course
Course 7: Run Virtual Reality and physiology experiments successfully - 1/2 day course
Course 8: Coma assessment and communication with BCIs - 1/2 day course
Course 9: Passive functional mapping with ECoG - 1/2 day course
Course 10: Motor rehabilitation with BCIs - 1/2 day course

Workshop topics

Workshop 1: Brain-computer interface - 1/2-1 day workshop 
Workshop 2: Spike and ECoG recordings - 1/2 day workshop 
Workshop 3: coma/Consciousness assessment - 1/2 day workshop
Workshop 4: Passive functional mapping - 1/2 day workshop
Workshop 5: Stroke rehabilitation - 1/2 day workshop