recoveriX is a highly integrated ready-to-use system for use with patients in a daily rehabilitation setup scenario. This project is funded by the European Commission.

Patients around the world need therapy to improve motor function. Motor disabilities may result from many causes, including traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke, congenital conditions and some diseases. Rehabilitation therapy at a major hospital or rehabilitation center is expensive, time-consuming, and usually yields little improvement, especially in post-acute patients. However, new research from g.tec and others has shown that novel brain-computer interface (BCI) systems can substantially improve motor rehabilitation outcomes while reducing burdens on patients, therapists, and carers. The new approach relies on paired associative stimulation (PAS), which adds real-time EEG-based analyses of motor imagery to conventional therapy systems. g.tec has already shown that PAS is much more effective than conventional therapy and will design, produce, validate, and improve a complete system called RecoveriX-Pro that makes therapy faster and more effective.

recoveriX is funded by the European Commission's SME Instrument for Innovation Projects (Phase 2): European Commission
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