Brain-neural computer interfaces on track to home

BackHome’s main goal is to help end users who are affected by motor impairment due to acquired brain injury or disease in achieving tasks which would be difficult or even impossible to accomplish without the dependency on a caregiver. For this purpose Brain-neural computer interface (BNCI) technology is utilized. BackHome will further help supporting different groups of the social environment of the end user, whether they are medical doctors, nurses, family members, Assistive-Technology centers or other people who want to provide the best possible tools for their patients or their loved ones.

Thereby BackHome focuses on reintegration of the people, with the overall aim of preventing social, political, or cultural exclusion. The basis for such a reintegration is an interface that connects between many possible voluntary physiological responses of the patient, including the electrophysiological signals of the brain, and applications facilitating activities of daily living, including communication via the World Wide Web.

In the BackHome project g.tec Guger Technologies OG is responsible for the integration of components developed by the project consortium. Its role is to ensure that the system is easily accessible and conveniently useable for patients, without, or with only minimal support by other parties. The goal of the conscientious integration is to provide caregivers with a way to adopt the system to the user’s mental and physical capabilities, and also to their individual needs, in an efficient and organized way.