Newsletter November 2017

That was the BR41N.IO Hackathon Series 2017! 

On your marks, get set, hack! g.tec is looking back at the BR41N.IO Hackathons  in Austria, Spain, Ireland and Canada where around 600 participants from over 25 countries dipped into brain-computer interface technology and created new useful applications or designed creative headsets. Have a look into the photo galleries: Linz/Austria | Graz/AustriaBanff/Canada | Valencia/Spain | Dublin/Ireland

BR41N.IO at IEEE SMC in Miyazaki/Japan 2018
The hackathon series continues in 2018! More dates will soon be announced"... Read more: Miyazaki 2018
Contact us to learn more about BR41N.IO and how we can help to organize a successful Brain-Computer Interface Designers Hackathon!
| BR41N.IO

Winners of the BCI Award 2017 

An international jury, assembled with experts from Japan, China, Europe and USA who worked with invasive BCI and non-invasive BCI, selected the winners of the BCI Award 2017:
1. Place Winner: “Online adaptive brain-computer interface with attention variations” by Susan Aliakbaryhosseinabadi from Aalborg University in Denmark
2. Place Winner: “Individual word classification during imagined speech” by Stephanie Martin from EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland
3. Place Winner: “BCI prosthetic hand to control phantom limb pain” by Takufumi Yanagisawa from Osaka University in Japan
Congratulations to the winners!
BCI Award 2018 - Submit now!
The next submission deadline is March 1, 2018 and the BCI Award 2018 Ceremony will take place on May 23, 2018 during the 7th BCI Meeting in Asilomar, Pacific Grove, USA. Read more: BCI Award 2018

Hardware and software updates 

  • New features for g.HIsys: g.CAMERAcapture, Marker, Audio Stimulation, g.THRESHOLDscope and g.EstimFES Simulink Interface v1.16.00. Read more: g.HIsys
  • g.BCI-CVEP v1.16.01 toolbox for code-based BCI. Read more: g.BCIsys
  • g.CSP recoveriX extension v1.16.00 toolbox for g.REHAbci. Read more: g.BCIsys
  • g.Nautilus PRO is now FDA cleared. Read more: g.Nautilus PRO


Frontiers in Neuroscience: Submit your breakthrough BCI applications in medicine 

Is your research dedicated to Brain-Computer Interface, clinical applications, neurorehabiliation, neurofeedback or invasive and noninvasive brain stimulation? Submit your abstract and spotlight your research in the upcoming issue Breakthrough BCI Applications in Medicine in Frontiers in Neuroscience.

  • Manusript deadline is February 1, 2018.

New Publications 

Internships for Customers 

As a special education service, g.tec has open internships or thesis possibilities in order to learn EEG/BCI skills for your lab. Apply now! Send your internship/thesis applications to Christoph Guger

Workshop, Conferences & Congresses 

Greetings from Austria!
Christoph Guger & Günter Edlinger

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