Newsletter June 2015

The Annual BCI Award 2015 - Submit your work now! 

g.tec would like to invite you to submit a 2 page description of your BCI project to the 2015 BCI Award. 
Submission deadline is July 1, 2015   
The prize will be awarded by the Department of Biosciences and Informatics, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University, Japan at the SfN annual meeting, NEUROSCIENCE 2015, Oct 17-21, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. 
NEW: win more! The winner gets 3,000.- USD, 2nd place 2,000.- USD and 3rd place USD 1,000.-!          
This year's jury: Junichi Ushiba (chair of the 2015 jury), Masayuki Hirata, Nuri Firat Ince, Zachary Freudenburg, José del R. Millán, Sydney Cash, Tomasz M. Rutkowski (award winner 2014) 
Read here how to participate: BCI Award 2015

g.NEEDaccess - Network Enabled Easy Data Access Interface 

g.NEEDaccess is a server service that facilitates simple and platform independent data acquisition from (multiple) devices over a network, which greatly eases the user's workload.
g.NEEDaccess allows you to acquire data easily from g.tec devices without having to take care of low-level concepts of data acquisition. The server handles acquisition and preprocessing of data such that the user receives data ready to analyze.
Read more under: g.NEEDaccess

Software Updates - g.HIsys SIMULINK Highspeed Online Processing 

Some new functions are available in the new versions:

  • The g.VECTORscope provides a convenient way to display frame-based data. It is designed with a focus on performance and is able to visualize large amounts of data with high sampling rates.
  • The g.SENSORadaption block adapts the input signal of g.tec's sensors. It takes the voltage input provided by the sensor and converts it to sensor-type related values.
  • The Automatic Batch Start block can automatically start signal processing calculations from Simulink after your experiment.
  • The g.AUDIOoutput block allows you to play sound outputs on the speakers of the PC via Simulink.
  • The Paradigm block can be used for audio, picture, video and text paradigms. It uses the ActiveX plugin of the VLC media player to present audio, picture and video stimulations. The block provides timing information of targets, non-targets and stimulation onset. The paradigm is configured using a standard text editor.
  • The Select Events block selects event codes from the incoming events. For each change of the incoming event code from zero to a non-zero value, the event codes are compared to specified event codes for selection.
  • A EEGLAB plugin now allows you to import recorded data from g.tec devices.

Read more under: g.HIsys       

The BCI Teaching-Lab - g.tec's solution for your teaching and research environment 

g.tec offers complete solutions for your professional academic teaching- and research-lab! Get a bundled package including everything you need: Hardware and software for 4, 8 or 16 systems for data acquisition, processing and analysis, including practical examples, books, lectures, PowerPoint slides and videos.
The package also includes: installation and training, webinars, expert talks at your site, student internships at g.tec, supported master theses, certificates for lecturers and students, and official listing as "certified BCI teaching partner institution".
Read more under: BCI Teaching-Lab

g.HIamp Plugin for DEWEsoft X 

This plugin allows you to aquire data with g.HIamp inside the DEWESoft data acquisition system and store it together with all other signals acquired from additional devices in one DEWESoft data file.
Further the plugin allows to configure the g.HIamp and to use its impedance measurement tool.                            

BNCI Horizon 2020 - Roadmap published 

The final version of the roadmap of the BNCI Horizon 2020 project for the field of brain-computer interfaces was recently published.
The main objective of this roadmap is to provide a global perspective on the BCI field now and in the future. For readers not familiar with BCIs, basic terminology and concepts are introduced. It is discussed what BCIs are, what BCIs can do, and who can benefit from BCIs. The BNCI Horizon 2020 group illustrates their arguments with use cases to support the main messages.
Find information under: BNCI Horizon 2020 Roadmap

Human Machine Interaction Summer School 

The Human-Machine Interaction Summer School (HMISS) 2015 aims to provide basic and advanced knowledge of cognitive and motor HMI in several fields of applications such as wearable robotics, machine learning and virtual/augmented reality.
The courses and the workshops will be delivered by international academic experts and will cover different aspects of HMI, making the summer school accessible to a wide range of PhD students and researchers.
Find more information under: HMISS 2015

New Publications - New Book & Book Chapters 

New book:

New book chapters:

Find further information under: Publications

Workshops, Conferences & Congresses 

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