Newsletter February 2018

BCI Award 2018: Submission deadline extended! 

The extended submission deadline is March 11, 2018. This year, BCI Award nominees will present their submission at the Poster & Exhibitor Demonstrations Sessions 3 on May23, 2018 during the 7th BCI Meeting in Asilomar. Read more:
Stephanie Martin from EPFL (Switzerland) won the 2nd place of the BCI Award 2017. Read the interview about her submission on the g.tec blog: Decoding Inner Speech: Utopia or Reality?

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BR41N.IO is coming to the 7th BCI Meeting in Asilomar, USA 

This year, the BR41N.IO BCI Designers Hackathon Series continues with events around the world. As a satellite event of the 7th BCI Meeting in Asilomar, the BR41N.IO BCI Designers Hackathon takes place on May 20-21, 2018. Be part of this unique learning experience of 24 hours of programming, prototyping and designing new BCI headsets and useful applications! Read more:
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Hardware and software updates 

  • g.NEEDaccess MATLAB API v1.16.00 is now available: develop a BCI application directly in MATLAB and acquire data from g.HIamp, g.USBamp and g.Nautilus
  • Wireless EEG and fNIRS in one device: g.Nautilus fNIRS
  • Multidevice toolbox to acquire data from multiple g.tec devices on one computer with g.HIsys
  • Create closed-loop invasive and non-invasive stimulation experiments with g.HIsys and g.tec's new stimulators g.Estim PRO and g.Estim FES
  • Record CCEPs to find whole cortical networks with g.BCIsys
  • High-gamma mapping to find the fusiform face area with g.BCIsys
  • Unity toolbox to control Virtual Reality 3D content in real-time with g.BCIsys

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BCI Spotlight: Research and projects from partners & customers 

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New publications 

Submit your breakthrough BCI applications in medicine 

Is your research dedicated to Brain-Computer interfaces, clinical applications, neurorehabiliation, neurofeedback or invasive and noninvasive brain stimulation? Spotlight your research in the upcoming issue Breakthrough BCI Applications in Medicine in Frontiers in Neuroscience by March 1, 2018 .
Read more: Breakthrough BCI applications in medicine

Workshop, Conferences & Congresses 

Be part of the international BR41N.IO BCI Designers Hackathon Series 2018!

Greetings from Austria!
Christoph Guger & Günter Edlinger

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