Newsletter February 2015

recoveriX - Coming Soon - Motor-Recovery Neurotechnology 

The recoveriX system is a highly integrated ready-to-use system for use with stroke patients in a daily rehabilitation setup scenario.

In the last few years a totally novel and promising application for MI-based BCIs has gained great attention. Several recent articles have shown that MI-based BCIs can induce neural plasticity and thus serve as important tools to enhance motor rehabilitation for stroke patients. Furthermore, other work has shown that this rehabilitation can be even more effective when combined with immersive graphical environments that can help users interact effectively and naturally with the BCI system. 

recoveriX includes all components needed to perform training, classifier generation, virtual-reality neurofeedback and functional muscle stimulation.

Read more about the system under:

The Annual BCI Award 2015 - Submission Open 

The Annual BCI Research Award is an annual accolade to recognize excellence in the field of brain-computer interface (BCI) research. The award is open to any person or group in any country.

Submission deadline is July 1, 2015!

The prize will be awarded by the Department of Biosciences and Informatics - Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University, Japan at the SfN annual meeting, NEUROSCIENCE 2015, Oct 17-21, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

NEW: win more! The winner gets 3,000.- USD, the 2nd place 2,000.- USD and the 3rd place USD 1,000.-!

This year's jury: Junichi Ushiba (chair of the jury 2015), Masayuki Hirata, Nuri Firat Ince, Zachary Freudenburg, José del R. Millán, Sydney Cash, Tomasz M. Rutkowski (award winner 2014).

Read here how to participate: BCI Award 2015

Software Updates - g.BSanalyze & g.RTanalyze 

Some new functions are available in the new versions:

  • By using the Polhemus Patriot Digitizer, Montage Creator of g.BSanalyze allows users to read the real coordinates of the electrodes placed on a cap.
  • The function Export to XML allows users to export the montage object, including all X,Y,Z positions and electrode names into a XML file.
  • The new versions are compatible with Windows 7 and Matlab R2014a, 32 and 64 bit and with Windows 8 and Matlab R2014a, 64 bit.
  • The function Automated Batch Starter in g.BSanalyze, will suggest a list of batches, which can process loaded data that was acquired with g.tec products, like g.P300, g.SSVEP, etc.
  • The function Signal Quality Check can be used to find and mark epochs, trials or channels containing bad signal quality.

Read more under: g.BSanalyze 
and under: g.RTanalyze

g.SCARABEO Electrode - New Holder Ring 

The compact active electrode g.SCARABEO for high-density EEG and multi-purpose applications now comes with a new holder ring, which allows faster re-plugging of the electrodes. Also, the larger gel reservoir enables longer measurement times.                            

Find some information and pictures under: g.SCARABEO electrode 

Cybathlon - The Championship For Robot-Assisted Parathletes, Zurich, 8 October 2016 

The Cybathlon is a championship for racing pilots with disabilities (i.e. parathletes), who are using advanced assistive devices including robotic technologies. 

g.tec supports the following participating teams with an EEG-based BCI system:

Watch a new video under: Cybathlon video
or find information under: Cybathlon

2015 International Workshop On Clinical Brain Neural-Machine Interface Systems 

The upcoming 2015 International Workshop on Clinical Brain Neural-Machine Interface Systems (CBMI 2015), which will take place on 13 - 15 March 2015 in Tokyo, Japan focus on these three main tasks:

  • Identifying key challenges in the development, testing and broader implementation of assistive and restorative/biofeedback BMI in clinical environments
  • Defining and establishing the required frameworks to facilitate translational research and development
  • Fostering these frameworks

Find more information under: CBMI 2015

New Project - The Neurographe Project - Neurological Recordings With Graphene 

The project focuses on the fabrication of a graphene-based multielectrode array (MEA) prototype for local stimulation and recording of brain activity. It is our hypothesis that characteristics of graphene such as flexibility, high biocompatibility and conductivity can be exploited into engineering an optimal brain interface. 
Visit the project website for more information: NEUROGRAPHENE

Playing Music With Your Brain 

This video from the Music Tech Fest in London shows how brainwaves, new interfaces, apps and light were all used to create music. In one of the installations, g.tec systems are used to create music from the subjects' thoughts.         
Find the video under: Playing music with your brain

New Distribution Partner For Poland - Neuro Device Group Sp. z o.o. 

g.tec's is happy to introduce the new distributor Neuro Device Group Sp. z o.o. , responsible for Poland.                            

New Publication - New Book 

The 10 nominated projects of the Annual BCI Award 2013 are summarized in the new book:
 "Brain-Computer Interface Research: A State-of-the-Art-Summary-3"
 edited by: Christoph Guger, Theresa Vaughan and Brendan Z. Allison

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